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Integral Performance and Prosigliere Announce Strategic Partnership

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Integral Performance and Prosigliere Forge Global Partnership To Fuel Innovation and Leadership Development

Texas & Georgia - September 20th, 2023 - Integral Performance and Prosigliere forge a global partnership to ignite unprecedented business growth through leadership development, innovation, and technology.

The selection of technology and people plays an increasingly critical role in every aspect of a business. Businesses recognize that they need to accelerate the development of technology solutions to ensure they remain competitive and in first position. The Integral Performance / Prosigliere partnership brings together core competencies critical in business and technology strategy, innovation, technology development, product delivery, and organizational change management to accelerate our client’s performance and time to market.

"We believe there is a new realm of vast untapped potential for companies who can operate as an aligned, collaborative, cohesive whole - when there is deep alignment between leadership, the product team, R&D, and sales; each is aligned to generating a compelling invented future with a singular definition of success," said Gil Amelio, visionary leader and Chairman of Integral Performance. "I've experienced the possibilities that such alignment creates in my past leadership roles at National Semiconductor and Apple. When you can get the Voice of the customer, product leadership, the R&D brains of the company, and the feet on the street all in the same room, incredible things can happen," shares Gil.

The Integral Performance / Prosigliere partnership enhances businesses by combining leadership development, innovation, technology advancements, and strategic collaborations while catering each engagement to the specific business needs, predicated on a “Just-In-Time” approach to maximize productivity and outcomes.

"This is exactly what we've accomplished," shared Jerry Dackerman, Founding Partner and CEO of Integral Performance. "We've been refining ways to generate unprecedented growth and value for our clients, and excellence within one department can only carry you so far. With the right mix of leadership development, innovative best practices, technological advancements, and sales excellence, we've seen rapid results in companies otherwise unattainable. We focus not only on doing leadership and innovation but also on who leaders are and what it takes to BE an innovative organization".

This collaboration gives new and existing clients the combined benefit of the strengths of each company. Integral Performance contributes to its ability to develop leadership (at all levels), shape a company's culture and mindset, accelerate innovation, and drive financial business turnarounds. Prosigliere's Just-in-Time technology approach optimizes resource allocation, maximizes efficiency, and strategically times technology investments for improved results. Prosigliere leverages technology to enhance processes, ensure timely delivery, and provide scaling expertise to non-organically growing teams.

“As a business owner or Executive, you understand that technology brings both opportunities and challenges. Striking the perfect balance between investing in new technology for competitiveness and adapting our business models to technological advancements is crucial," shared Ryan Neading, CEO of Prosigliere. "We collaborate with startups, small businesses, and those aiming for the next level of success. Leveraging our 100 years of combined C-level experience in both tech startups and Fortune 50 companies, we're committed to fueling your company's growth within your budget. Our approach involves mentoring, advising, and working closely with leaders and teams to propel them to the next level.”

If you are seeking accelerated growth and technological solutions, seize the opportunity to leverage the Integral Performance / Prosigliere partnership. Together, we can unlock untapped potential, drive innovation, and ensure timely success with the right mix of leadership, innovation practices, and technological advancements.

Experience maximized returns and achieved unparalleled growth with our aligned, collaborative approach.

Visit to learn more about how this partnership can support your growth, profitability, and valuation goals.

About Integral Performance

Integral Performance was co-founded by Jerry Dackerman and Gil Amelio. Jerry has served as CEO of six public and private companies over the last 30 years and is also co-author of Performance Edge, a leadership transformational development book that was an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the USA, and #3 in the UK (2018). Gil is the former Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer and National Semiconductor. Gil has transformed several Fortune 500 companies, notably increasing shareholder value by an estimated $9B. Gil is co-author of An American Imperative, and business book bestsellers Profit from Experience and On the Firing Line. Gil has been delivering on major global initiatives for decades. Together, Jerry and Gil have founded and led many Venture Capital and PE firms to which Integral Performance offers programs and services that deliver high-velocity results, elevating reliable performance in complex environments across a multitude of disparate industries.

About Prosigliere

Prosigliere is an executive technology advisory and software delivery company in Austin, TX. Ryan Neading serves as CEO and co-founder of Prosigliere. Before Prosigliere, Ryan held multiple executive positions at eBay, PayPal, and Rackspace - leading through turnarounds and transformations. Prosiglere is a technology service company built on the Just-in-Time engineering approach. Unlike most development firms that simply build what the customer requests, Prosigliere takes a proactive approach by driving product planning and roadmap discussions. We closely collaborate with our clients, understanding their goals and propelling their organizations forward. Our expertise and strategic guidance ensure that we deliver solutions aligning with your vision, budget, and empowering business growth.

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