Bridging the gap between funding & success

Your success is our obsession

We help Founders & CTOs beat Investor expectations by achieving milestones faster with top-tier technical talent.

Building what matters

Strategic execution matters. Without it, a company loses time, money, and the chance to grow. Achieving your goal means knowing not just what to build, but when. We provide the expertise to hit each milestone with confidence.

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About Us

Why Partner with Prosigliere?

Strategic Execution

Execution is everything. We don’t just offer advice; we become your execution partners, actively driving your projects across the finish line.


Battle Tested

Leveraging battle-tested tactics from working in the startup trenches, we are your allies in navigating challenges and accelerating your victories.


Supercharged Results

We offer efficient, budget-friendly solutions crafted to accelerate your revenue growth. We work to maximize your return on investment in record time.

Our Process


Our Services

What do we offer?

Product, Design & Engineering Consulting

We work with your leaders and liaisons to discover and understand the challenges at hand that are limiting your success, and we build specialized internal teams to address them for you.


Fractional C-Level & Key Contributor Placement

We specialize in sourcing the best available domestic talent for your needs and budget, both remote, hybrid or onsite. We partner with you early on, to understand your technology needs, but also your company and team culture, and we utilize that information to present a limited amount of vetted candidates, by our internal leaders and engineers, for your review and selection.


Technology & Business Operations Assessment

With decades of experience working with startups and large companies, our team of executives is here to help you at the highest level, by joining your Board of Directors as members or advisors, depending on the need and expertise required.

We work tirelessly to position your startup to have a lasting impact.

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  • Bridging the gap between funding & success
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