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Executive & Key Contributor Placement


Our comprehensive services will help craft the team that you need, from C-level to mission-critical Individual Contributors.

Our Offerings

Executive & Leadership Headhunting

We leverage our networks, connections and vast experience to identify the best fit for your most critical executive and leadership positions.

We focus on expertise and acumen, but also on team and culture fit, as well as shared vision and objectives that match the current and future goals of your business.

In our experience, the best executive teams are built with trust and like-mindedness, and we strive to help you achieve that in your company.

Key Individual Contributor Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing the best available domestic talent for your needs and budget, both remote, hybrid or onsite. 

Unlike other recruiting agencies, we will not overwhelm you with resumes. We partner with you early on, to understand your technology needs, but also your company and team culture, and we utilize that information to present a limited amount of vetted candidates, by our internal leaders and engineers, for your review and selection.

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