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Venture Capital & Private Equity Partnerships


Focus on maximizing portfolio value for your fund, helping you identify companies with solid technology foundation and leadership.

Our Offerings


We work side by side with your management team to identify and validate great investment opportunities in technology companies in areas of  your interest.

We review the options in the market, focused on great leadership, business plan, product-market fit, accurate valuation and use of proceeds allocations.

We partner with you to understand the investment profile your fund is following, and which of the options available would better fit your portfolio and the added value your team brings to the deal.

Technical Due Diligence

If you already identified the companies you want to invest in, we can help you validate assumptions and expectations, as well as the reality of the technology under management and development.

Our team of technology experts would deep dive into the company's technology, interview their technical and product staff, and review any potential pitfalls you could encounter after executing the deal.

We focus on analyzing and understanding the risks of undisclosed technical debt, custom developments and tools, single points of failures, both technical and human, and technology differentiators.

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