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Product, Design & Engineering Consulting

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We help you identify and build the team that you need, when you need it, partnering with you to understand what model fits your processes and current organization, and where we can add the most value to empower your success.

Our Offerings

Our Technology Expertise

Product, Design & Engineering Consulting

We work with your leaders and liaisons to discover and understand the challenges at hand that are limiting your success, and we build specialized internal teams to address them for you.

We predicate the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) approach, and not just Viable. We believe in incremental delivery, clearly defined stages and outcomes, as well as timelines and expectations to be met. 

We partner with you on the full Software Delivery Life Cycle. Even though we will provide most of the resources in this kind of engagement, we don't operate on a "black box" model. We will walk you through critical stages and decisions we make, for smooth transitions when the project reaches completion.

Subject Matter Experts

We provide subject matter experts to join your teams for both short- and long-term engagements, depending on clearly identified goals.

We work with optimal technologies for greenfield projects, yet we are also adept at improving your legacy platforms, whether to support it, or modernizing it.

We have a hybrid team of domestic resources that can visit with you onsite, while also leveraging the full power of near-shore with our teams in Latin America working on an overlapping schedule with your teams.

Technology Discovery

The technologies you rely on to support your business are not static.  They can be quickly outmoded, or deprecated, by technology producers and providers.  There is great risk in assuming that what was once new and clean, even if well maintained throughout its lifecycle, is not now brittle and potentially limiting the growth you've worked hard to achieve.​

In technology discovery, our experts interview your teams to determine the health of your technologies, the dependencies, risks, and Single Points of Failure, and advise on how to proceed near- and long-term in your technology investments.  We won't always recommend significant changes, because they are not always warranted, but just like a doctor providing periodic health assessments of your physiology, we recommend periodic assessment of the health of your technology investments and requirements.  This includes your vendors, your internal teams, your tech stack, its impact on your business continuity, and your compliance and risk.

Technology Lift

In the event that we mutually identify opportunities to invest in the future of your technological health and welfare, we propose bespoke project engagements to deliver solutions.  Depending on needs, these can be providing key personnel to support ongoing operations, fixed-deliverable projects that help migrate from expensive and limiting platforms/technology stacks to vibrant, cost-efficient, scalable and durable solutions, as well as the healthy deprecation existing technology operating expenses that limit or prevent the next evolution of your business success.

Vendor Analysis

When it suits, we work with your legal, purchasing, and partner relationship teams to determine if your technology providers are maximizing your budgets and streamlining your workloads.  Often when these contracts are up for renewal, key personnel are not available to evaluate the merits of cost restructuring, new value propositions, product enhancements, and solution sunsetting or deprecation.  We provide this analysis, working with your experts, to ensure you are maximizing your technology spend.

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