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Integral Performance and Prosigliere Announce Strategic Partnership

Integral Performance and Prosigliere are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership. The mutual complement of Integral Performance’s multidisciplinary consulting practice with Prosigliere’s world class technology advisory services increases the probability of success for early-stage startups threefold.

Texas & Georgia - February 28, 2023 - Integral Performance and Prosigliere are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership. The mutual complement of Integral Performance’s multidisciplinary consulting practice with Prosigliere’s world class technology advisory and delivery services increases the probability of success for early-stage startups threefold.

Nine out of ten startups never realize a return on investment. The negative financial consequences of not having a solution for this problem are growing and becoming more severe. The selection of technology and people play an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business. Startups recognize that they need to accelerate the development of technology solutions to ensure they remain competitive and in first position. The Integral Performance / Prosigliere partnership brings together core competencies critical in business and technology strategy, building innovation, technology development, product delivery, and organizational change management to help strengthen clients’ ability to flourish.

"We believe there is a new realm of vast untapped potential for companies who are able to operate as an aligned, collaborative, cohesive whole - when there is deep alignment between leadership, the product team, R&D, and sales; each is aligned to generating a compelling invented future with a singular definition of success." said Gil Amelio, visionary leader and Chairman of Integral Performance. "I've experienced the possibilities that such alignment creates in my past leadership roles at National Semiconductor and Apple. When you can get the Voice of the customer, product leadership, the R&D brains of the company, and the feet on the street all in the same room, incredible things can happen." shares Gil. 

The Integral Performance / Prosigliere partnership provides force-multiplication-as-a-service to startups and capital interests facing scaling and technology opportunities.


This collaboration gives new and existing clients the combined benefit of the strengths of each company.  Integral Performance contributes its ability to develop leadership (at all levels), shape a company's culture and mindset, accelerate innovation, and drive financial business turnarounds. Prosigliere brings its ability to leverage technology to improve business processes and performance, ensure lean teams deliver on time and within budget by adhering to strict scope definitions and success criteria, and provide technological and scaling expertise to teams that are not organically experiencing desired growth. 

"This is exactly what we've accomplished," shared Jerry Dackerman, Founding Partner and CEO of Integral Performance. "We've been refining ways to generate unprecedented growth and value for our clients, and excellence within one department can only carry you so far. With the right mix of leadership development, innovation best practices, technological advancements, and sales excellence we've seen rapid results in companies that are otherwise unattainable. We focus not only on doing leadership and innovation...but also on who leaders are and what it takes to BE an innovative organization". 

“When you apply technology and proven processes, you increase the probability for investment opportunities to realize maximized returns,” shared Ryan Neading, CEO of Prosigliere. “The mutual complement of leadership development combined with technology advisory increases the probability of success for these early-stage startups threefold.”


In 2021, early-stage funding amounted to $210B throughout ~8,000 startups; if these funds were equally distributed, $189B would be sub-optimally invested opportunity cost. 

This vested partnership operates through a lower-cost model of equity enablement. Grow opportunity focus areas while sharing the net gain as a step-function improvement to your EBITDA.


Book a chat with us to learn more about how this partnership can support your growth, profitability and valuation goals.



About Integral Performance

Integral Performance was co-founded by Jerry Dackerman and Gil Amelio.  Jerry has served as CEO of six public and private companies over the last 30 years and is also co-author of  Performance Edge,  a leadership transformational development book that was an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the USA, and #3 in the UK (2018).  Gil is the former Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer and National Semiconductor. Gil has transformed several Fortune 500 companies, notably increasing shareholder value by an estimated $9B. Gil is co-author of An American Imperative, and business book bestsellers Profit from Experience and On the Firing Line. Gil has been delivering on major global initiatives for decades. Together, Jerry and Gil have founded and led many Venture Capital and PE firms to which Integral Performance offers programs and services that deliver high-velocity results, elevating reliable performance in complex environments across a multitude of disparate industries.


About Prosigliere

Prosigliere is an Austin, Texas, based technology leadership delivery practice.  Ryan Neading serves as CEO and co-founder of Prosigliere. Prior to Prosigliere, Ryan held multiple executive positions at eBay, PayPal and Rackspace - leading through turnarounds and transformations.  Prosiglere is a technology firm for Investors. Superlative growth opportunities exist where technology and processes are surgically applied to scale great ideas, which ensure return on capital is maximized. Prosigliere leverages technology to improve business processes and performance through advisory services (at all levels), staff augmentation, discovery, design, delivery, and iterative improvement. 



Who is Prosigliere?
We are a technology firm for Investors. We believe the best growth opportunities are where technology and processes are applied to scale great ideas to ensure return on capital is maximized.


How are Integral Performance + Prosigliere different? 
Our pillars of excellence (Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Sales) may be comparable to areas of focus that other thought leaders have. What makes us different is our interdisciplinary approach. Our people have been on both sides of the table - in Engineering and Sales; transforming through Technology delivery; In Product Innovation and Leadership. This allows us to craft bespoke strategies for our customers that consider a much broader set of possibilities. Sometimes speeding a product to market is a sales problem, sometimes a product marketing problem, sometimes an R&D and Innovation problem - by looking at the specific situation, leveraging all assets, and using the law of constraints, we come up with an interdisciplinary solution that creates measurable results and ROI far more quickly than a focus upon one area of your company. In all engagements, we deploy a toolkit that considers both best practices in how to perform each activity as well as addressing who leaders are in their organizations.

How will working with this partnership bring me increased bottom line results?
The Integral Performance and Prosigliere partnership emanates 3 key philosophies of success: 
If we do a better job of solving a customer’s most important problems, we will bring them great value and we will be rewarded for that value. Our mission is to get every person in your company aligned around the problem you solve, assure that it is the right problem, and assure that your team attacks that problem collaboratively with a cohesive vision for success. If we solve our customer’s most important problems better than our competition, we will lead the market. 
If we change the role of “work” in people’s lives - If our people are fully engaged, energized, fulfilled and working at their maximum potential, we can bring a company into a new realm of potential and performance. We can help employees to have an extraordinary experience of work by clarifying for them the problems they solve, optimizing the processes they use, elevating the leadership around them and teaching them how to contribute to the overall success of the company.
If we provide TLaaS - Technology Leadership as a Service™, we leverage technology to improve business processes and performance. Through this model, we scale success relative to our continued investment in the proven business practices of leading companies. We can ensure lean teams deliver on time and within budget by adhering to strict scope definitions and success criteria. Because our teams are purpose-built, they are not prone to growing too big nor bureaucratic. By consistently reinvesting new technologies into our solutions, we govern the margins of our focus areas effectively. In simplest terms, what we do is design, deliver, automate, and repeat.


If every person in your company were unleashed to be purposeful, fully inspired and engaged - creating their role and their contribution at an extraordinary level, and all of them were unified in their vision of how to help your customers solve the biggest problems, how would it impact your bottom line? If you had three times the demand this quarter, could you scale to deliver the same quality of service?


What do you mean by a new realm of performance? 

Our intent is not to help you deliver at the upper end of the range of future performance your team is targeting. Our intent is to enable you and your team to consider a larger possibility and be free to be bold in taking actions consistent with this new possibility for your organization. This larger invented future, once the team is enrolled, will compel the disruptive actions that will open a whole new realm of performance you did not previously consider possible.


What services do you offer? 

Our services include: 

• Intuitive Customer Insights (to unveil unique insights leading to new ideas for disruptive innovation even if customers cannot yet clearly articulate them)

• Innovation Leadership (to enable you to be in continuous customer discovery to create compelling new offering business cases and powerfully enroll your stakeholders) 

• Leadership Acceleration (to unleash your team to BE a disruptive market leader and thrive in a VUCA world) 

• Agile Development and Delivery (to optimize your new product introduction process, resource deployment plans, and launch plans for rapid open innovation) 

• Sales Excellence (to generate predictable revenue that deliver a step change above target by aligning the dimensions key to new revenue generation) 

• Business Transformation Turnaround – the integration of our services to generate a new realm of performance 

How will these services benefit me and my organization? 

Our commitment to you as a leader is that you will see as possible a new realm of performance while inventing a future that compels and inspires you and others. No one person can accomplish what an enrolled and trusted team can generate. The business benefits this enables include: 

• Increased organic sales & sales growth rate 

• Accelerated Innovation 

• Faster realization of ROI from newly acquired companies and new products 

• Improved sales margins 

• Accelerated Time to Market for new product/new industry launches 

• Monetization of key assets 

• Turnaround of underperforming businesses 

• Coherence and alignment across leadership and between functional teams 

• Improved win rate against tough competition 

• Greater employee engagement / collaboration / performance 

• Improved teamwork, culture and morale 

What are the measurable results I can expect? How quickly? 

Much depends on what we are starting with, what we are trying to create, and how many people are involved. Developing and optimizing processes has a well-defined set of activities that occur over a fairly fixed period of time (weeks) – these might include optimizing product innovation, go to market with a newly acquired product, upsell/cross-sell campaign, optimize a sales process, and optimize a hiring process. Training management to manage the new processes and training the teams that are to use the new process may take weeks or months depending on questions of logistics, other priorities, number of stakeholders to be engaged, etc. Measurable results we have generated have included: 

• Reduction of the duration the sales process by 35% 

• Improve successful sales hiring - from 1 of 4 successful hires to 3 of 4 in the first year. 

• Reduction of time to market of a new innovation by over 50% - in some cases from over 4 years to under one year 

• Increase in new business opportunities engaged monthly by 300% due to improved outbound prospecting 

• Quadrupling business revenues in under 2 years 

• Expanding a regional business to global reach in 18 months


What are the actual deliverables and events of an engagement?

There are soft and hard deliverables that are discussed and quantified in every engagement. Ultimately, we are delivering financial performance – measurable sales, growth, profit, market share, etc. These outcomes are a product of elevated leadership and new mindsets, clarification of success, assignment of responsibilities, implementation of new ideas, processes, tools, etc. To generate these outcomes, we use tested and proven frameworks for success – Leadership, Customer Experience, Innovation, Product Development, Prospecting, Selling, Hiring, etc. which are delivered in the form of playbooks, working tools and templates, scripts, training workshops, role play, coaching, etc. At times workshop events are recorded so that they can become part of your company’s ongoing training/onboarding assets after we are done.


What does an engagement look like? 

Our engagements are driven by the problem our client is looking to resolve, by the people involved and by current specific outcomes we are trying to generate. Engagements are built around timelines and measurable results. Often, our client will have a clear mandate or goal that needs to be attained (X% increase in sales next quarter) and sometimes it is a more sweeping change to a company’s culture and performance. In most cases, we’ll engage initially with an assessment to quantify the objectives of the engagement, understand all of the parameters, and to build a project plan. There are other times when a part of the project lends itself as a good starting point without the assessment.


What is the timeline for an engagement? 

Every engagement is unique, however most engagements involve some amount of change to your organization and therefore require some amount of change management. Change is a time-based process… it doesn’t happen automatically with new processes and new ideas. We can implement new processes and train those very quickly. The ROI from that work will only be realized if the management team continues to reinforce the new processes and behaviors required of the team. If your managers are fully brought into the changes and are experienced change agents, the project is handed to them in a matter of weeks or months. If not, the project would enter a phase of coaching and developing those skills in the management team.


What are the costs of an engagement? 

We don’t employ a single fee structure nor deliver value through a single business model because every client is faced with different challenges, is starting at a different place, and ready to engage at varying levels of velocity. We begin with the premise that our reason for existing is to add value to our heroes—our clients. We come from a Growth Mindset—if we are creating value for those we serve, we have earned the right to capture our fair share of that value. So, we start with assessing the value we can create and establish our price based on leaving a significant majority of that value with our clients. We believe we create extraordinary value and, as a result, clients that engage us see the value in providing a premium compared to what some others might charge as it enables them to generate more value for themselves more quickly. Our business model for delivery is flexible depending on the pace our client wants to move forward in realizing the future they are inventing for themselves.


At what level of an organization does Integral Performance and Prosigliere engage? 

We believe it is imperative to be working with the senior leaders of an organization to ensure they are aligned in the intended business outcomes and equipped to deliver sustainable transformation by enrolling their teams and stakeholders. We then work as deep into the organization as needed to facilitate sustainable results. This often will take the form of working closely with one subset or region of the organization and then generating wider viral change like expanding ripples in a pond.


What industries does Integral Performance and Prosigliere have experience with? 

Our team is primarily experienced with a broad set of industries in the B2B space including automotive, engineering, energy, O&G, manufacturing, commercial and residential building management, distribution, media, AdTech, software and technology, professional services, healthcare, hardware, construction technology, etc.


What countries does Integral Performance and Prosigliere work in? 

Our team has deep global experience and have customized our content and our engagements for companies and cultures around the world including China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, South America, North America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We have a corporate presence in The USA (multiple locations), Dubai, London, the Czech Republic and Moscow.


Do you work with (public, venture owned, private equity, family owned) companies?

We believe all organizations today are challenged with how to pivot and create new value in a world seeing ever-increasing levels of change. As long as we have the enrollment of senior leadership in the value we bring and the commitment to embracing new possibilities, we are stage- and scale-agnostic.


Do you do what the big consulting organizations do? 

Our team members have deep experience in the domains the big consulting organizations work in to deliver intended results in the areas of innovation, leadership, and sales excellence. But with IP and Prosigliere, you won’t agree on the project with a senior partner and then have work executed by junior team members. Every member of our team has been a leader in executing business and is focused on delivering sustainable value to you vs solving one near-term problem.


How does an Integral Performance and Prosigliere approach compare to what others in the same consulting space offer?

We believe disruptive innovation doesn’t come from incrementally improving on what everyone else is doing or responding only to what your customers can currently articulate that they perceive they need. We believe attaining a new realm of performance won’t come from only clarifying strategy, improving organizational design, digging deeper into operational KPIs, and changing teamwork processes. We also don’t think innovation and performance elevation is 100% predictable. An organization must have the capacity and support to experiment and take risks, learn, and pivot quickly. In short, to become an Agile Organization. For innovation acceleration and leadership elevation to be sustainable, we are certain that leaders must address both what they are doing and who they are being. Many consultants in our space work on one aspect or the other and often focus on one function (e.g. product management, engineering, sales) of the organization. Real value can be created by working with a team on a launch event, a strategic pivot, or a redesign.....but disruptive and sustainable results require coherency across the intent of the whole organization from the start and a change in the habits and behaviors in the organization that integrate to define the culture. Velocity is everything. We commit to supporting you as you align your team on the future to be invented and get into action consistent with that vision.


How do I best engage Integral Performance and Prosigliere? What comes first? 

A conversation with any of our partners is the first step. Our work is not a fit for every company or every situation. We will typically spend a lot of time with top leadership or ownership (board, investors, Private Equity or Venture Capital operating executives) to define near term objectives and determine if the organization is ready to begin an engagement. Only once there is mutual clarity on what we intend to do together will we propose any work. 


Can I start small and make sure I see the value? 

See the above answer. AND from there we are typically focused on the projects that will yield the most important results the most quickly. These are tailored to the size and scope that suits your current situation.


How do technological advancements apply to my industry or product?

If we can clearly articulate the value our products are creating, machines should be working to improve that value. Few things improve at scale more rapidly than technology. We introduce, and at times, instrument, the application of emerging machine technologies to deliver scale to meet your new demand. Thereafter, we provide an independent and extensible framework to reapply to new and interesting opportunities. 


How does this partnership increase startup success ratio?

Accountability, empowerment, and advisory. Not all founders possess c-level skills, are business savvy, nor are technically inclined or knowledgeable about their gaps. Successful business requires balance, the ability to make decisions without all the facts, and to do so realizing risk can be acknowledged, mitigated, and eliminated. Prosigliere helps startups and founders identify where these skills gaps require the most attention, and do so fostering compassionate and positive relationships both within the organization, its board, and the capital management of the startup.

How much time will I or my LT have to invest to capture the value of Integral Performance-Prosigliere engagements?
We suggest you assume you and your LT will need to spend 20-25% of your time focused on the elevation and acceleration of your performance while engaged with us for the initial stages of an engagement. Some choose to commit more time to add even more velocity as they see the mission critical priority of their intention for transformation. Once key areas of focus for near-term acceleration are identified, it can be expected that the leaders of that portion of the organization will want to increase their time spent while other parts of the organization will reduce their level of engagement while staying very close to progress and the insights being generated.

I know we have skills gaps in our leadership; I want to grow through trusted partners as well as products. I often feel the need to fill a gap someone else could focus on and improve. How does Integral Performance and Prosigliere scale the leadership? 

For some of our clients, we partner through fractional (c-suite) leadership. A defined objective to close a gap, whether operational, financial, or technological, is both time-bound and measured through success criteria. The end objective is that our fractional leadership rolls off once the objective has been achieved, and may be replaced with a permanent part of the team.

When should I call to discuss possibilities? 

There is a Chinese proverb that says "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now." There is no bad time to start a conversation and begin to strategize the possibilities for growth and turnaround. Our engagements range from simple coaching to full operational transformations. Let's talk.



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