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Are you a Founder or Entrepreneur struggling with the technical aspect of your product? 

Building a successful tech product can be overwhelming.
You need to make sure: 

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But where do you start?


The One-Day CTO is your power session with a seasoned tech expert who acts as your CTO for one day. We'll help you navigate the complexities of tech development, giving you the insights you need to make confident business decisions. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Expert Guidance

Leverage insights from seasoned CTOs who understand what it takes to build and scale a technology startup, and who have the tech skills to put your tech on solid footing.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our holistic approach looks at technology, business impact, and product scalability.


We equip you with knowledge and tools to confidently engage with tech teams and stakeholders.

Questions The One-Day  CTO explores

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Scalability & Reliability

  • Will your product withstand growth?

  • Or, are you wasting money on a product that won't scale?

Value Beyond Technology

How can technology decisions enhance the overall business and product value?

Technical Understanding

  • Is your current team on the right track?

  • What should you ask your developers?

  • Is your technology robust enough?

Leadership & Trust

  • Is your technology aligned with your business goals?

  • Is your roadmap transparent and predictable?

Speed & Communication

  • What areas of development can be accelerated?

  • Is communication clear and effective?

Product Strategy

Are you working on the features that will yield the fastest path to revenue?

Our roadmap

Intro Call

A 45 minute call to introduce you to your assigned CTO. We will explain the survey process, answer questions and schedule logistics for your CTO day!


Spend all day with your CTO, review survey results together, deep dive into the gritty of your product, tech, business, current dev process, goals and milestones!


Sign up for One-Day CTO

and lock-in your spot!


Client is required to complete a comprehensive survey so that we can make the most of our time together.

Report Delivered!

Here's what you'll get:


Deep-dive session

reviewing your technology architecture, business strategy, and product design. 


Pricing transparency and scope guidance

so you can make informed decisions. 


A detailed report

with practical recommendations and strategic insights. 


The freedom to choose

who you work with to implement the recommendations. 


Clear recommendations and action items

for your product, from technology selection to development strategies. 



Increased clarity and confidence in your tech decisions. 

Risk Reduction

Reduced risk of costly mistakes and miscommunications.

Time to Market

Faster time to market and efficient use of resources. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What deliverables can I expect? A full day with an expert CTO who reviews your business and technology, and creates a custom report to recommend the best pathway forward. As part of that report, you will also get pricing and scope guidance so you can shop around with confidence to find the best technology provider for your needs.

2. How can the One-Day CTO help me reduce my burn rate and extend my runway? We help you identify quick wins and set you up with a recommendation plan so you know exactly where and how to spend your time. We frequently find savings opportunities throughout this process too. i.e, Cloud services right sizing, near/off-shoring of non-key resources, etc.

3. Do I need to work with Prosigliere for any work after this day? No, but we would love to be the team that helps you change the trajectory of your journey.

4. How are you different than a consultant? We are here to help you in your journey beyond this initial consultation. We are also providing rates in a fixed package, instead of hourly basis, and we promise deliverables in a short timeframe. We also have a development team that we can provide on short notice to address the recommendations provided. (Otherwise, yes, we are just consultants.)

5. How will you understand our unique needs quickly? Our process is robust and we expect our clients to be invested in the process so that they can maximize ROI. We want you to be successful and we have crafted a process (that is demanding) to set you up for success.

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Starting at $2499, the One-Day CTO is  an investment that can save you time, money, and headaches.

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